Strut Your Stuff

Every Spring I treat myself to a new pair of heels, mainly nude heels. I think you can never have enough nude heels. When in doubt, buy nude. This Spring, however, I went a little overboard and purchased some colored heels as well *insert see-no-evil monkey emoji*. Like most women, I love accessories. I feel that I tend to love shoes and purses for the same reasons that other women do, but more so due to the fact that it’s the one thing I can’t make (don’t think the idea hasn’t crossed my mind though…in due time). When you can make your own clothes, you tend to splurge on accessories.

One topic that always seems to be a constant in women’s conversations is size and weight. No matter the age, amount of education, career success, or ethnic background of a woman, somehow we will find a way to broach the subject. I’ll have days too when I feel gross from eating way too many treats, so I get it. I’m not above the subject. It seems like no matter what size we are, though, we’re never happy. I am not here to judge, criticize, or point any fingers. What I do want is for all of us to start getting more comfortable in our own skin.

So how does my mini shoe shopping spree fit into all of this? Let me explain. Full disclosure – I have always disliked my feet. They’re wide. They’re huge. They’re not cute or dainty AT ALL. The thing about these three pairs that I purchased recently is that they are all different sizes. When one size didn’t fit, I sized down. When another pair was too tight, I sized up. I didn’t sit there and start hating myself, or my life, or my body, for not fitting into a specific shoe size. I just wanted cute shoes that fit right. I accepted my ugly-foot lot a long time ago. I know I have two options in life: either I never show my feet ever or I can accept them, buy cute shoes, get frequent pedicures, and strut my stuff. I always choose the latter.

We should try and apply this way of thinking when buying our clothing too. I’m not saying keep sizing up and up and up until you’ve spiraled into an unhealthy weight and lifestyle. I strongly believe in health first. Going up one size or down one size, however, isn’t the end of the world. Clothing size is just a unit of measure that makes shopping a little easier than if there were no sizes on a garment at all. It is not the end all be all. As I’ve mentioned before, manufacturers make clothing for hundreds of thousands of people in one sitting, and you are unique individuals. Going up one size, or even down, does not determine your worth as a human being. Your true inner confidence is your best accessory.


Shoes: Sam Edelman, Azela (pink heels) – Vince Camuto, Sandria (nude heels) – Dolce Vita, Hazeley (red heels)


Home Accents: Gold Tray, Candles, and Sofa are all from #homegoodshappy




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