Who What Wear Pencil Skirt

We all know that one of the most difficult aspects of shopping is finding something that fits well. You may walk into a fitting room with a billion items and MAYBE you walk out with one. I believe one of the main reasons why I never developed any major body issues is that my Mom is a master tailor. So when something didn’t fit well in stores, I’d just buy a larger size and have it altered to my liking by my Mom. If you can, find a good tailor in your area. It truly makes all the difference.

The other day I was running some errands at Target and decided to take a stroll through their Who What Wear section. I actually really like this Target collab. A lot of the pieces are well made for the price point. This pencil skirt is only $27.99 (but I just looked and it’s $19.59 right now)! When you compare it to what a custom skirt would run you (which is what I would normally make), it’s a super duper bargain – your fabric alone would cost you this much. I believe they add new prints in the same style every couple of months. This is my 2nd one.

From my experience, this skirt does run small (even at my regular size between a 10 or 12), it was tight. I own one in a size 12 that is super fitted, but I prefer my pencil skirts to be super tight on me anyway. It has no stretch which is also probably one of the reasons for the skirt fitting the way it does. I did size up to a 14 in this one – no need to panic…it’s quite alright…it’s just a number.


HatWho What Wear for Target, Tank (that I cut across with scissors)Mossimo, SkirtWho What Wear for Target, ShoesVans, BraceletsGorjana

There are three places where I usually alter my pencil skirts at: waist, right under the hips, and right under the booty

1. I didn’t really have to take this one in at the waist, I usually do on almost everything, but since I was short on time I didn’t bother.

2. If you’re shaped like me and have hips that are wider than most – and you prefer a fitted look – then have your skirts taken in where your hips start to taper in. Otherwise the skirt falls straight down at your widest point of your hips, and you appear wider than you really are. (Next time I’ll make sure to include a “before” picture so you can see what I mean).


3. Taking it in under the booty is just my personal preference. When you actually have a big butt, the last thing you want is more attention to it. Any woman with a real big booty (or real big boobies) can probably attest to this. However, when tailored right, the focus gets distributed evenly. Had I left this skirt as it was, I believe it would have made me look bigger on my bottom half. If you want a skirt that you can wear to the office without bringing any attention to the derriere, don’t start right underneath the booty. Instead start alterations somewhere in the middle of the booty and take it straight down, without tapering in.



And that’s it! One day I’ll show alteration tips on different body types, but for now you’re stuck with mine. 🙂



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