Zara Wide Leg Pant

Bold. Passionate. Sexy. Confident – these are the first words that comes to mind when I think of the color red. You have to be some, if not all, of these adjectives to wear red. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the loudest person in the room, or the one that needs all of the attention, to wear it (I’d personally rather not have any attention). You can be reserved and have a quiet confidence about you, allowing your clothing to do the talking for you. It’s also a color that looks great on everyone. There is a perfect shade of red for all skin tones.

I haven’t owned a pair of red pants since my “bubblin’ at Dublins” days (gaaaaaah…I’m old…those were fun times though). I wore those red Gap jeans as much as I could. I loved them. They were a true, bright fire engine red. These days I try not to attract that much attention to my bottom though. While doing a closet cleanup/refresher, I realized I didn’t have a high waisted wide leg pant. My initial reaction was to look for a pair of black ones, but I find that even I can get in a rut. Did I really need another pair of black pants? Probably not.

Last month I was visiting my Mom and saw these Zara wide leg pants while strolling the mall in Atlanta. I knew they were going to be perfect for the “wear now, wear later” segment on the blog.  First, red is going to be everywhere this Fall. But when isn’t red popular? Although these pants appear bright red in these (few) pictures, they’re more of a maroon-raspberry. On the website the color is “maroon.” Second, even though it was late Summer when I bought these pants, you’ll be able to wear them, most likely all the way through Valentine’s Day (if not more…even next Fall/Winter too).

As for the fit of these – they were definitely super long. I’m tall and even with heels I still need to hem them. Unfortunately, I wore them out to girls night before I had the chance to hem them. The hem definitely needs some additional TLC from all of the spilled drinks I walked through (hopefully the dry cleaner can take care of that). Hmmm…but maybe now hemming them will get rid of anything the dry cleaner can’t get out (look at that, silver linings). These are unlined, made from a non-stretch, polyester crepe, but with a decent amount of opacity. I got these in an XL since they do not have stretch (and these hips don’t lie). More times than not, clothing being too tight would deter me from buying it, but I could overlook that since I loved them so much. If at any point they get too uncomfortable, maybe I’ll just take out as much as I can from the seams.

When I go out of town, I have this thing where I buy a tiny bracelet to remember that trip. My friends and I have also started to buy each other bracelets when we go somewhere. It’s cheesy…and cutesy…and I love it. So on a recent road trip to Nashville (from Atlanta) I wanted to buy a souvenir, but I wanted something chic. My friend had already given me a bracelet from Nashville from one of her trips, so I wanted something different to remember my trip by. We were walking around The Gulch area of Nashville when I saw this cute boutique named e.Allen. I saw this t-shirt and thought it was super cute (plus, it was super soft and comfortable). It’s like a touristy souvenir, without being totally cheesy. I love either dressing up casual items or dressing down dressy items, so combining a t-shirt with dressier wide leg pants felt perfect to me. Next month I’ll share a new look with these same pants.



T-shirt: Nashville t-shirt, (I bought it in store, but I’m adding the website in case they sell  it online), Pants: Wide Drapey Trousers, Necklace: BaubleBar Marquessa Statement Necklace (now on sale!)


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