90s vintage – babydoll dress

With 90s trends popping up everywhere the last few years, I thought it would be fun to do a post on something that I actually wore in the 90s. This might actually be the only vintage piece I own…and it happens to be my own dress. Babydoll dresses were huge in the 90s. Nowadays they are listed as tunic dresses in stores, but to me they will always be known as babydoll dresses. We normally wore them with “biker” shorts underneath…yeah, I know, it was odd. I did recently spot a pair of white biker shorts on a Spring 2018 runway…just when I was hoping they wouldn’t be coming back.

A couple of years ago my Mom found this dress for me so I thought I would try it on for kicks. I was surprised that it fit. Which then got me to thinking…this dress fits me, yet, as a teen I was always labeled fat. This dress is a size medium in juniors. I remember that my Mom bought if for me for my birthday from one of the trendy stores for juniors that I always used to go to. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I never had any body issues, or even that I have the perfect body now. I own a mirror and know all of my own flaws before anyone can call them out. But I don’t think anyone has called me fat in many, many years (yes, I know I’m not “skinny” either…I think I’m just average with a thicker build…like I said, I own a mirror). When I did have any negative thoughts about my body, looking back, most of them were probably because of these labels that were bestowed upon me at such a young age.

With that said, for the most part, I didn’t grow up with major body issues. If you know my Mom, you know that she’s incredibly strong. So when I was young and I would run and cry to her about getting called names, she would always tell me to “ignore them.” Eventually, you start listening to your Mom. Thanks to growing up with a confident Mom, I learned to tune out most rude people early on. Along with that, my Mom is a professional tailor for films and tv. I grew up knowing that clothing could be altered to fit me. I knew that even the smallest of actresses get their clothing tailored to fit them.

Some people don’t grow up with either of those two things, so I felt inclined to share this experience. The fact that this dress still fits me tells me that I was almost my adult size by the time I was 13. These hips came in with a vengeance and they grew in early on…I’m still waiting on that bust to make an appearance though. Every body is different and develops and grows at its own rate and it’s own time. The more I think about it, the more I realize how sad it is that even adults felt inclined to make comments on a teen girl’s body. Negative comparisons are always ugly, but comparisons during very impressionable teen years can be damaging to some. I carried those negative comments with me way longer than I should have. Yet, here I stand at the same size I was as a teen with a set of completely different labels (mostly positive ones) directed my way.

Nowadays teens (and adults) have the pressures of social media. Comparing oneself to what others do becomes a daily constant. While some post pictures to share their strengths and to be of motivation, other post to feel better about their own personal insecurities. We should EACH be conscious of how all of the images we see affect our psyche, and learn which ones are beneficial to us and which aren’t. There should be more of an understanding that EVERY SINGLE BODY is different. And most importantly, we should stop with the comparisons already.


Babydoll dress: 90s vintage; Jacket: BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket, Shoes: Vans Sk8 Hi, Leggings: Hue Leggings, Purse: Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Maise Leather Satchel, Earrings: Gorjana, Necklaces: H&M


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