Green Velvet Wrap Dress

Have you ever had a moment where you stop and ask yourself, “wait, that makes absolutely no sense, why do I even do that?” Recently I realized the strangest thing – I haven’t eaten a guava since I was a little girl. Like an actual guava fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Porto’s guava-anything. I like drinking guava juice. I like the flavor of guava. I have nothing against guava itself. As a young girl, however, I ate a fresh, ripe-off-the-tree guava from my aunt’s backyard tree in Mexico. It was probably the most delicious fruit I had up until then…until I noticed there was a nasty little worm in it enjoying my guava as well. I just about threw up. Since that day, I have never had fresh guava.

When I stopped to think about it, it seemed ridiculous that I would never eat another guava again because of one bad guava experience that occurred at one point in my young life. It means that I have assumed that every guava ever from that point on will have a worm in it. And we all know that’s definitely not the case. It seems nonsensical when you consciously stop to take a moment and rationalize a situation.

What does not eating guava have to do with custom clothing? Many body issues are often associated with clothing (specifically how something fits each individual), which is why I write on it often. Everyone wants to feel beautiful in what they wear, but some women have developed specific issues with their bodies based on a plethora of reasons – whether you blame society, a random one-off comment that may have been directed towards you, or maybe comments made by the people you surround yourself with (this last one I think can do the most damage…you’re only as strong as those you surround yourself with – choose wisely). One tends to carry those feelings or comments with them without thinking about why they do so.

Like my realization about the guava, I recognized that I wear, or don’t wear, certain things for reasons that don’t have a valid basis. I haven’t worn short skirts or dresses…probably ever. Somewhere along the way I had developed this idea in my own mind that short skirts look bad on my legs due to the thickness of my thighs (and the cellulite). In my own mind my legs have always been ginormous. Whenever I make myself anything, I make it knee length or longer. Knee length is actually elongating and creates the illusion of longer legs (if you’re a certain height), which is primarily why I’ve probably stuck to that length, but the fact that I would limit myself on wearing something for a reason that had no concrete basis on anything, is what I want to be more conscious of. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way as I hear women speak on their “flaws” constantly. But yet we never take a moment to stop and think about why we feel this way…and more importantly, try and consciously stop this way of thinking. More times than not we allow these ideas about ourselves to settle in our minds, and we continue to believe them as if they were a fact, when the truth of the matter is that they are based on someone else’s ideal of beauty, or someone else projecting their personal insecurities onto you. Opinions are not facts. Remind yourself of this often.

The decision to make a couple of short dresses, other than stepping out of my comfort zone, stemmed mainly from the fact that I wanted something to go with these super lush Treasure & Bond slouchy suede boots. Since the boots are knee length, this was one time when I would be able to step out of my knee-length comfort zone and make a shorter dress that would show off the full glory of these plush boots. For the purpose of this blog, I mainly make pieces from fabrics that catch my eye. It’s based on my mood in the moment, and also what the fabric itself allows me to create. Crushed velvet will forever remind me of my teen years, but I decided to give this olive crushed velvet fabric a modern spin by making it into a type of smoking jacket wrap dress. I may never wear super short, short dresses, it’s just not my style, but this dress was a start to wearing more medium-length short dresses.



I once jokingly teased my Mom that it was her fault that I had these “ginormous” legs. She replied by saying, “I prayed you would get thick legs so you wouldn’t have to deal with my chicken legs.” The things we criticize about ourselves are what other people pray for. I use myself often as an example, not to pick on myself, but in the hopes that me not being afraid to look at my “flaws” helps show you in some teeny tiny way that picking on your own “flaws” only hurts you rather than helps you. Funny enough, as I was editing these pictures I wasn’t even sitting there paying attention to the size of my legs. No, I don’t think that all of a sudden they look “skinny” rather, they don’t look as sizable as I devised them to be in my head. I think they’re proportionate to my build. We shouldn’t allow the “guava worms” of our lives stop us from enjoying life’s simple pleasures – whether that be eating a guava or feeling comfortable wearing what you want.

PS Coincidentally, I read guavas are in season now, so I WILL eat a guava asap.


Dress: Custom made by me, BootsTreasure & Bond x Something Navy Knee High Boot, PurseRebecca Minkoff Leo Envelope Clutch, EarringsKendra Scott Signature Danielle Earring, Rings: H&M and Stella & Dot Gold Maylee Ring


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